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Bird Brain - Preorder

Bird Brain - Preorder


Hey all; it's not a massive secret, but I suppose I haven't officially announced it either. I have an album coming out this Fall called Bird Brain that I'm really excited about. I'm pressing vinyl. It's pretty expensive. It helps to justify the cost of this perhaps silly and perhaps incredibly vain endeavour if you preorder a copy of the LP.


I'll send you one of the songs right away when you preorder it. The album is 11 songs long (the vinyl has a bonus track included), and it's mostly about how I learned to really notice the world around me over the last few years. I feel like birds are representative of something most of us take for granted and stop noticing at some point, and I feel like that's part of why I gravitated towards writing so much about them. There's songs about other things too though! Want to hear a song of romantic longing sung to a cigarette that's actually about climate change? Well, this is the album for you.


I recorded it at Riverdale Recorders with my good pal and producer Harry Gregg. I was really lucky to get to work with the band that I did;  the core group was me, Harry on bass, Brennan Cameron on keys, and Brendan Lyons on drums. And then an enormous number of session players, from Edmonton legend Dave Babcock to emily and Andi from Bad Buddy (probably my fave Edmonton band) to Grammy nominee and string wizard Drew Jurecka.


Every time I've put out music in the last 5 years, I've opted to just make handmade CDs, with custom art and text on each one. I'm going to offer em here as a pre-order only thing; I really do love making them, but they take a ton of time. An ode to my old DIY roots!


The best way to help out though is to preorder a copy of the real-deal vinyl record, with artwork and layout designed by Kyra Heneghan-Smith. It's a pretty stunning package, and I'm very proud of it.


Of course too, if you just want to help out, you can grab a digital copy. 


I'll tell y'all more about it soon, I promise! Just working on prepping music videos and grants and festival applications and showcase applications and.....


- Sean


Expected to ship Fall 2024
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