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I am a songwriter, recording engineer, and podcaster based in Edmonton, Alberta. I completed a Bachelor of Music degree with a Major in Recording and Production from MacEwan University in April 2021, and also completed a diploma in music composition in November 2020.


My songs use our unique political and natural geography in Western Canada to explore relationships, solitude, and how we connect with the past. My production practice has involved work in professional studios as well as extremely scrappy, DIY recording setups, and I pride myself on my flexibility and creativity in making the best of the limitations that exist on any given project. Using existing limitations or imposing new ones has proven to be fertile creative ground in my work, which has led me to experiment with field recordings, archival audio, and analog recording. Play and experimentation in the studio are both crucial parts of my recording practice. I currently work out of Riverdale Recorders in Edmonton, AB.

I am also currently the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Cups N Cakes Network. I took over this role from Jeff MacCallum in January 2023, and am responsible for content curation and co-ordinating the staff of 30 or so volunteers that the network has. I am also currently finishing up the nearly 150 episode run of my interview podcast "Inside the Artist's Studio". Over it's run, I've interviewed luminaries of the Canadian music scene, such as Chris Murphy from Sloan, Dan Mangan, and Polaris Prize winner Cadence Weapon.

Outside of my songwriting and audio production work, I help a number of bands and artists to release music through Grade School Records, a record label I co-founded with Harman Burns and Dylan Sylvester.


fig 1: Sean Davis Newton - "He Sold Himself Short". Released October 29th, 2021. Produced by Aladean Kheroufi. Musing on resource extraction, cigarettes, and bloodsuckers.


fig 2: Sean Davis Newton - "I Hope Your House Falls Down". Single. Released October 1st, 2021. Produced by Sean Davis Newton. A protest song directed at Mr. Fake Cowboy Man.

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