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Hi, my name is Sean Davis Newton. I write songs.

As long as I can remember, it's all I've really wanted to do, except a couple years in high school where I thought I was going to make a living writing hardboiled detective movies starring 15 year olds. I've put out a few EPs and singles over the last few years, and you can find them all over on Bandcamp.

I've been writing a lot about nature, and particularly about birds; in some weird way, city birds are the number one way that most people in the city interact with nature. The number one way they interact with us is by eating our garbage. I thought I could get a song or two out of that, and instead, I got a bunch. They're all gonna be on an album in the Fall of 2024.

Sometimes I produce music for other people too. I've done records for Laundry Week, Hersilia, Seriously Fun, Big Evil Rat, and more, and most of the time, I work out of Riverdale Recorders. I like recording fast, and getting paid lots and lots and lots of money to do it. If you are very, very rich and would like to make an album, please call me.

I'm also the editor and publisher of the Cups N Cakes Network. I co-ordinate a team of 25 or so volunteers, and we pick Canadian music we love and try our best to make sure folks hear about really great records from Canadian independent bands. I used to run an interview podcast for the network where I interviewed a bunch of folks I really look up to; Chris Murphy of Sloan, Dan Mangan, Jennifer Castle, Motherhood, Cadence Weapon; hell, one time Daniel Lanois called me when I was driving to work. It was a pretty cool gig.

Get a hold of me to say hi, make some music, or play a show.

See ya soon,

- Sean


fig 1: Sean Davis Newton - "[I Think I Love] Hockey". Released on June 14th, 2024. Produced by Sean Davis Newton. A song for the bandwagon jumpers, about love and pucks. Goilers.


fig 2: Sean Davis Newton - "He Sold Himself Short". Released October 29th, 2021. Produced by Aladean Kheroufi. Musing on resource extraction, cigarettes, and bloodsuckers.

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